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Help and FAQ

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We have covered many of the questions here but use some teminology that might not make sense if you are brand new to spinning. If this is you then try the Glossary! page.

1. Why choose a double-treadle spinning wheel?

Double-treadle allows you to do the same amount of work for half the effort on each leg. The crank angles have been designed to allow easy starting of the wheel so you do not have to give it a push with your hand to get it going. We have received reports from our customers that the exercise associated with the gentle action actually eases their joint pain.

2. How long is the Majacraft warranty?

Two years. We will replace anything that fails due to faulty workmanship. Normal wear and tear or accidents from the user are not covered by this warranty. However we use our discretion and take the circumstances of any claim into consideration.

3. Do Majacraft wheels require maintenance?

In short, very little. A small amount of light oil (eg sewing machine oil) on the pedal hinges, a couple of drops on the rod end bearings on the crank assembly and a small smear of petroleum jelly on the flyer shaft is all that is required. This only needs to be done once every two to three months.

4. How do the ratios work?

The drive band can be slipped onto any groove on the whorl or drive wheel to give a different ratio. A fast ratio is best for spinning fine yarns that require a lot of twist. A slow ratio is better for lofty and/or bulky yarns. We have provided ratios from roughly 4:1-16:1 on all Majacraft wheels so customers can spin however they like. Click the Wheel Ratios link to see the full range.

5. How do I thread the bobbin and flyer?

We are asked this question by a number of people as the standard delta flyer looks foreign compared to an orifice flyer. It really is very simple once you see how. Assuming the bobbin has a leader yarn attached, slide the yarn through the eye on the flyer hook that is closest to the bobbin, then turn 90 degrees and thread the yarn through the open yarn guide (cup hook) on the flyer bar. Now head at 45 degrees down to the pointy end of the delta and push the yarn through the delta from the yarn-guide-side to the other side. Thats it!

6. Can I use all the flyers and accessories on my Majacraft wheel?

Our accessories are universal amongst our wheels. We chose to do this so your Majacraft wheel is as versatile as possible and customers are not put in a position of having to buy a new wheel when they want to do something new or different.