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2024 Bobbin Colour of the Year

2024 Bobbin Colour of the Year

EDIT – 5 April – Voting is now closed! Thank you so much to everyone who voted! I am pleased to announce that the Majacraft 2024 Bobbin colour of the year is…………… UNWIND FROSTY!!

It was so fun to see all the votes coming in, and it was pretty close for a while! But it became very clear that Unwind Frosty was gaining ground and ended up with a 24 vote lead over the next favourite (Boogie Woogie Frosty).

We are excited to get this bobbin into production! Please watch this page, and our Facebook and Instagram, for an update when they are available!

Unwind Frosty

This year we will be creating one limited edition bobbin colour to add to your collection, and we would like you to help us choose which one! Our ‘bobbin colour of the year’ is always popular, and is a fun addition to your bobbin stash, you can even colour coordinate with your yarns, or colour code your singles. Whichever one is chosen, will be available during 2024, and if there are any left after our final production run we will continue sales into the following year! (We still have a few of our fun and happy ‘Rubber Ducky’ bobbins if you’re quick!).

Our plastic bobbin range is custom made by injection molding, which is very sturdy and reliable. It gives us some extra options in colour choices too! Because our ‘Frosty’ translucent bobbin has proved so popular, this year we are also offering additional options to vote for with ‘tinted’ semi-translucent bobbins. 

Vote Here!

Please select your favourite colour out of the six options below, leave a comment on this post to tell us the ONE colour you want to vote for and on the 5th of April we will tally up and find our winner! To make our counting easier, please give your chosen colour first up in your comment, and be sure to specify if your choice is for Solid or Frosty! (you will not see your comment come up immediately as we currently have post approval on, but please only submit once).

As with previous Bobbin Colour of the Year, these bobbins will be produced in our standard bobbin size, which will fit all of our wheels!

Please share this post with all your Majacraft spinning friends and ask them to vote too!

The colours are as follows:

Top row: (purple) BoogieWoogie Solid, BoogieWoogie Frosty

Middle row: (Pink) Tapestry Solid, Tapestry Frosty

Bottom Row: (Green) Unwind Solid, Unwind Frosty

(Please note – there may be some variation in the final colour produced compared to our mock-ups below, but we strive to get as close as possible!)

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