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Welcoming Luna!

Welcoming Luna!

We have a new addition to our Majacraft range of spinning wheels! The Luna is an innovative new wheel, designed to be so smooth it makes spinning a breeze. The extra stability of the inline design and our drive system combine to provide a lovely spinning experience on a wheel that is responsive and easy to use.

We started planning and designing this wheel at the beginning of 2021, although we had talked about doing so before then too, but…good things take time! In fact, here is the very first sketch of the wheel that would become Luna.

Our goal in creating this new spinning wheel was to develop an inline wheel with a small and friendly feel to it, that is as accessible for new spinners as it is accommodating for experienced spinners. Of course, the look and style of this wheel were also a nice challenge to create! We wanted to make a wheel that would take advantage of the properties of the bamboo wood that we have chosen for its construction. This is a very durable and stable wood with an interesting grain which is ideal for creating a wide range of beautiful shapes. The curves on Luna would be much more difficult to reliably create without using bamboo as the base material.

An interesting aspect of Luna is the orientation of the drive wheel, with the spin direction towards or away from the spinner. Many spinning wheels with this kind of orientation have a direct drive system that uses the treadles to turn a small rubber wheel that sits against the side of the drive wheel, turning it with friction. We designed Luna to run on a drive band instead, using the super reliable Little Gem crank as a foundation which provides a really natural feel to spinning. The rotation of the drive wheel matching the direction of the stem enhances the stability of the Luna in amazing ways.

Who is this wheel for?

We have put a lot of thought into this, and our experience spinning with Luna over the last year, plus feedback from people who have tried it, suggest that this is the ideal wheel for people who love to spin fine and traditional yarns, who want a wheel with a smaller footprint but remains stable and smooth to spin on, who love something edgy and unique in the aesthetics and is built from sustainable wood. It will appeal to beginners for its friendliness in set-up and ease of use, and will also appeal to intermediate and experienced spinners who will immediately notice how silent and smooth it is in use.


Luna comes standard with four of our lightweight black plastic molded 4oz(+) bobbins. It is fitted with a five groove pulley which gives you ratios ranging from 6:1 to 14:1. It comes equipped with our lovely fine flyer with the smooth round ceramic orifice – ideal for spinning traditional yarns. The orifice height, measured from the fine flyer orifice is 690mm from the floor. For comparison, the Aura orifice height is 730mm, and the Gem is 640mm, however, Luna is designed in such a way that if you place your hands in your normal spinning position, the orifice will be pointing directly toward them.

Luna weighs in at 7 kilos (15.4 pounds), enough to add stability yet still easy to pick up and move around as needed. One of the coolest things is that Luna arrives to you in the box, fully constructed, all you have to do is add the drive bands! Check out our Majacraft YouTube channel for our Luna videos showing everything you need to know to get going straight out of the box.


Additionally of course, this wheel will fit most of our accessories, Suzy has especially enjoyed using the Lace kit with the fast pulley (ratios are 10:1 – 18:1) and has made some lovely light and lacey yarns.

It will also fit the jumbo bobbins and Aura flyer for bulky and art yarns, or for plying larger quantities of yarn. Although art yarns are not the Luna’s main forte with its use of Scotch tension, just like our other wheels, it will certainly allow you to comfortably fill a bobbin full of art yarn, when the mood grabs you!

We are thrilled to be adding this new wheel to our range of quality, spinning wheels. Like all our other wheels, we have used the best components available for Luna. Each wheel is individually hand built and then tested for function and performance before it leaves the workshop.

We hope you will love Luna as much as we do!

33 thoughts on “Welcoming Luna!”

  • The design is attractive, but I have one important question: Are the treadles wider and set farther apart than on your previous wheels? Plenty of us wider-footed/wider-stanced humans out here who’d love to adopt Majacraft wheels but the treadles are just so dang tiny and close together. Schacht’s Ladybug has all the competition beaten so far. Can you give them a run for their money?

    • Interesting question! As far as I can ascertain, the Ladybug has a total width of 16″ (40.6cm), the Luna pedals measure a total width of 16.93″ (43cm) and the Aura are 15.5″ (39cm) so I would say they are all pretty close!

    • The Ladybug was my first wheel and I wqs also worried about the Majacraft treadles until I tried them. I have 2 Majacraft Rose wheels (one setup on Overdrive) and the Rose is my go to wheel. The Rose replaced the Ladybug in my lineup because it is so versatile and comfortable to use. And the bobbins are so spacious. I have the Bulky Flyer on my Ladybug and it does not come close to the Majacraft bobbins for capacity.

    • The Luna comes just with all that beautiful bamboo woodgrain and a coat of varnish 🙂 The painted one is Suzy’s decoration on her wheel.

    • What a graceful looking lady , beautiful lines and soft curves . What else could a girl ask for , for Mother’s Day , birthdays , Christmas , to say I love you , just because the day ends in Y can I think of any more reason why someone should buy me this wheel … ❤️ she is truly divine xx

  • Such an organic and curvy shape! And I know it will spin as beautifully as all the other Majacraft wheels (though nothing will ever replace my Suzi Pro, I think). I wonder when I’ll see one in the flesh?

  • Such a beautiful design. I have the Little Gem II and the Rose, and I am very tempted to add this one to my collection as well!

  • Love my Aura and Little Gem but the Luna has me intrigued!
    I have had no desire for a new wheel until i saw her!
    The design is stunning and im looking at adding her to the family soon..

  • I was considering purchasing the “Suzie Professional,” but then this wonderful spinning wheel appears! It’s both perplexing and delightfully overwhelming.

    I have a question: Could you please tell me the differences in features between the “Suzie Professional” and this new spinning wheel?

    I want to be able to spin both fine threads and thick art yarn. It’s a luxurious dilemma, but I’m looking for a spinning wheel that can fulfill that for me.

    • The Suzie is a larger wheel with a heavier drive wheel, so it is great for production spinning. For spinning art yarns you can also fit the ‘Overdrive’ on the Suzie if you wanted to spin a lot of bulky art yarns, but the Overdrive does not fit on the Luna. Both wheels will fit the Aura flyer and jumbo bobbins, and both wheels are great for spinning finer traditional yarns too. It may come down to the wheel you like the look of the most, and if you are planning on spinning a lot of art yarns the Suzie might be a better option, while the Luna is a smaller wheel that spins fine yarns exceptionally well.

      • Thank you for answering my question! So, if I understand correctly, I can spin with LUNA as long as I don’t need the volume that requires “OverDrive,” using Aura flyer and jumbo bobbins?

        Even if I decide to purchase the Suzie Professional, I had no plans to use OverDrive. I’m being overwhelmed by new options.

        I will once again organize my creative motivation. Thank you for the wonderful dilemma. LUNA is truly a beautiful spinning wheel.

    • Hi Bonnie, the way the Luna is designed, it will *not* be able to use the high speed head. It does work fine with the fast pulley though and can go up to a maximum of ~19:1

    • Hi Crystal, yes it does, in fact like all our wheels the Luna fits all the accessories = flyers, bobbins and pulleys, except for the giant Overdrive!

      • I have a Woolee Winder for my Little Gem, so it should work on Luna….would the orifice wire loop cause a problem, versus the one you have in the pictures here?

  • After spinning on the Luna for a few hours, I am totally in love. It may replace my 16 year old Suzie in my heart! Fantastic treadling and I love the full stop.

      • After several months spinning with the Luna I am totally thrilled! It is such a joy that I have done more spinning in the past few months than the previous year. Exceedingly smooth action in addition to being beautiful.

  • Bonjour
    Je souhaite acquérir le rouet Luna.
    Chez quel revendeur puis-je m’adresser .

    • Hi Wendy, we recommend you go through your local dealer and there is a dealer list for each country on our web site. If you need further help or information, please contact us at our office email.


  • The Luna is the first spinning wheel, in 7 years, that I could confidently and comfortably spin cotton, that was not a Charka or walking wheel!
    It’s the first wheel, where I could comfortably spin in my shoes OR bare feet!

    I’ve finally tried a Kromski for the first time, right after I purchased my Luna, and I have no regrets!

    My Luna will be the first wheel I reach for when traveling, or spinning cotton and fine threads in close quarters.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my still-green spinning heart!


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