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Painted Pioneer

Painted Pioneer

A short time ago we released the new updated version of the Pioneer, our entry level spinning wheel. The update has quite a few changes, such as the super handy handle in the stem, the nicer shaped pedals, and the harder wood (moved from Pine to American Oak). This has resulted in a prettier wheel now known as the Pioneer X! One more change we have made, is to now also offer an ‘unfinished’ version (at a slightly lower price) that is ready for you to make your own! You can stain it, paint it, or do what I did and turn it into an artwork 🙂

I would like to share with you two wheels that I have painted up, perhaps this will inspire you! These are both older model Pioneers, but I am looking forward to a much easier job of preparing and painting with the new Pioneer X Creative!

The first wheel I painted was the Galaxy wheel, this is a very simple paint project and I also made a speed video of the entire process. I would encourage anyone to try this, just practice a bit first on some cardboard or scrap wood. I used acrylic paints, and started with a base layer of black. Onto the black I splurged a mix of blues, a touch of fuchsia, and blending in dabs of white. You need to do this while the paints are wet to get the blend. Then I splattered white for the stars.

The second wheel I did was a bit more complicated in the painting. I was very inspired to do something in rich deep greens and the ocean theme seemed perfect for that, and of course how could I resist adding in a mermaid? My Song of the Siren wheel was born! And I thought it was appropriate, how many of us hear the musical call of our spinning wheels even when we are far away? and then we get lost in the depths as the wheel swirls and turns and transports us to another realm 🙂

I again used acrylics for this wheel, which I choose for lightfastness (they don’t fade) and durability. Once completed I also spray varnished both these wheels, the Cosmic Wheel with satin finish and the Siren wheel with high gloss (to glisten like the ocean!). I also made a short video on the progress with this one, it was a much slower creation than the Cosmic wheel due to the amount of detail.

I hope you feel inspired to customise your own wheel! Or if you are looking for a new wheel to make your own (and not take to your beautiful Rose or Aura with sandpaper!) you can’t go past the Pioneer X Creative, you get all the smoothness and top quality spinning experience with this wheel as you do with any of the more expensive Majacraft wheels, plus you have the freedom to make it as unique as you are! Please feel free to ask me any questions about the process or the materials! I am always happy to help 🙂


Suzy Brown


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