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This is a little public service announcement post, prompted by some unexpected website issues (argh technology!)  It seems that our contact form is not working as it should, and while we are receiving your messages from the contact form, it is not sending us your email address with your message so we can’t respond!

If you have tried to contact us in the last few weeks and NOT heard back, please send us an email direct to so we can respond to you by reply mail.

We are very sorry about this, the problem is being worked on and hopefully resolved very soon! Meantime we are going to take some deep breaths we hope you will also enjoy a quiet moment at the beach with Suzys shell circle weave 🙂


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  • Hello I came to the factory with Dave, a local, and bought the Little Gem. I took it on the plane to Western Australia and said I would report back about travelling with the wheel. I removed the metal parts and put them in my luggage and took the bag with the folded wheel thru customs. I was checked thoroughly but no problem really and at the Australian end no search at all. On board the Air NZ plane the staff put the bag in their wardrobe as I was concerned about it getting heavy bags being put on it. I also had a fragile tag on the bag.

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