All you need to spin your dreams


Majacraft have a series of tutorials to help you with your fibre art. So far we have lessons in the use of minicombs and the diz. These have been compiled by leading exponents.

The diz tutorials by Alys and John Vreede who specialise in the use of diz and color blending. These pages have excellent photographs to illustrate their techniques.

Pat Old has written a tutorial on the use of minicombs comb blocks and diz.

Pat is recognised as one of New Zealands fibre designers. She is a national spinning tutor for Creative Fibre New Zealand as well as facilitating their Advanced Spinners Group. She also has been a past Quality Mark Convenor for Creative Fibre New Zealand.



Lace spinning on the Aura

Lace spinning on the aura

Lace spinning on the Aura

Using the Majacraft Stylus

Lace spinning on the Aura

Spinning 101

Tools and fibre


Getting started with the circular loom


Getting started with circular looms


Hackles Up – Combing, colour and fibre blending on a hackle

Using the Majacraft Diz

Colour Blending with the Majacraft Diz

Multicoloured Rovings with the Majacraft Diz

Using the Majacraft Mini Combs

Using the blending board

Making rolags on the blending board

Warp Speed – an inspirational book for circular weaving