Alpaca Wheel
Alpaca Wheel Handle

The Suzie Alpaca is based on the Suzie Professional and uses the high inertia painted drive wheel which is painted black using exceptionally hard wearing two-pot paint. It has a laser engraved alpaca motif on the handle. It also comes with a limited edition travelling kate with an engraved alpaca motif. We have used wooden conrods and a wooden nut to tighten the head to add to the visual appeal of the Alpaca wheel. A slow speed whorl has been used to make it easier to spin lofty light yarns from fibres like alpaca. Some of the features of the Suzie Alpaca are:

- Double heel and toe treadling
- Comes with four (4) bobbins
- Laser engraved alpaca motif on the handle
- Limited edition travelling kate with engraved alpaca motif
- Black drive wheel
- Frictionless ball bearings
- Single hook flyer
- Folds up for transport
- Maintainance-free drive band
- Super smooth patented bobbins
- Lightweight
- No threading hook required
- Right or left handed
- Five main ratios available on each whorl