The Majacraft loom stand for the Dynamic Heddle Loom has been designed to be easy to use. The loom fits in two slots and has two finger screws for the braces. The stand uses a pair of sliding braces that allow the angle of the loom to be adjusted until it is perfect for you. These braces can be locked into position so the loom is very secure. The feet spacing is wide so the loom is stable and steady while you are working.

There are also a pair of threaded inserts on the horizontal brace that are added for aftermarket accessories. If you have a creative idea for a little enterprise utilising these screw holes then contact us and we can send you the dimensions!

This stand will hold your loom excellently during weaving and will store it compactly in place should you wish to fold it up between sessions

Loom stand open

Loom stand open

Loom stand folded

Loom stand folded

Loom stand detail

Loom stand detail


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