A custom made carry bag is available if you like to take your weaving with you. It is made with Majacraft green material with lime accents. The bag has extra pockets for warp pegs, tools and all the other indespensible knick knacks required for weaving.

Loom bag

Loom bag

Loom bag detail

Loom bag detail


Weaving videos

Majacraft Wave Shuttle

Warping a Majacraft Dynamic Heddle Loom

Circular Weaving - Warping A Circular Loom

Circular Weaving


Majacraft Weaving Manual (4.4MB - 08/08/2012)


Loom Stand Assembly (1.3MB - 22/10/2016)

Tutorials - tools

Getting started with the circular loom - COMPLETE (3.4MB - 29/11/2013)

Warp Speed - an inspirational book for circular weaving (4.8MB - 20/07/2014)

Getting started with the circular loom - CONCISE (0.7MB - 11/09/2014)