Welcome to Majacraft

Welcome to Majacraft

At Majacraft, we make innovative spinning wheels, looms and fibre tools. We aim to build tools that are easy for beginners to use and place no limitations on the creativity of skillful spinners and fibre artists. Majacraft is a small, family owned company based in the North Island of New Zealand.

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Hej fra Danmark! My name is Thorild, living on the small island Strynoe in the southern Denmark. I was knitting before I learned to read and the needlework I did as a child had to be most complicated to be interesting. Today the joy of handcraft is to make useful items of first class natural raw materials with a classic design. Weaving linen towels, knitting handspun wool from my own Scandinavian sheep, dying with plants and growing my own food, organic and clean - that is what happiness is made of. My spinning career started with a Turkish drop spindle, just to try it out and youtube was the place where I found enough information on how to do it. My goal is to inspire other people to spin and to spend time doing what I love most: being creative and work with animals. On our farm I have a shop and a workshop for courses, and our little island is a wonderful and peaceful place to live and to visit. I wish you welcome!


Thorild Norgaard
Stryno Brovej 5,Rudkobing,Stryno,5900,Denmark
Ph:45 2874 3484

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