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我喜欢玩手纺纱线,借此创造美丽的东西!这是一个严肃的业余爱好,然后转变成严肃的瘾,是有治疗作用和富有成效的瘾。仿佛拥有神助一般,我获得了一个机会教中国人民纺纱艺术。因此,这种艺术表达的形式便成为我来服务我们中国人的途径。 I love spinning yarns and creating something beautiful! It is a serious hobby then turned to an addiction, a therapeutic and productive addiction. With divine intervention possibly, I was given an opportunity to teach the people of China the spinning arts. Hence this form of artistic expression becomes my means to dedicate myself to serve my people in China.


我专长于支撑纺锤及纺车纺线。我精于用支撑纺锤纺超精细的蕾丝线,也爱用纺车纺色彩鲜艳的各种艺术线。 原创精神和个性的追求是我纺线和编织的目标和动力。我也手工做纺锤代理Majacraft 纺车。 如果您需要任何帮助来学习纺线,以及购买纺线工具, 与随时跟我联系, 一定尽力帮助服务你。 I specialize in supported spindle and wheel spinning. I love using spindle to spin super fine lace yarn, but also love to spin all sorts of art yarn with the spinning wheel. Being original and creative is always my goal and motivation to further my art pursuit. I made both supported and drop spindles for students, and love to teach and share my passion to the new spinners. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help to learn spinning, and to purchase spinning tools.


Elsa Lam Holliday
Kaiping, Jiangmen
Room 502, Building 2
Huijing Wan, 33 Xianglong Road
Ph:+86 136761736