We are a family owned business founded in 1981. As a little farmer I had sheep and people asked me for their wool. Thats when the idea grew to make something out of the for most parts unused wool. I - Johann Ulrich Grädel - bought a carding machine and began to wash and card my own wool. Quickly I had to add spinning wheels, weaving looms and other things to the product range. Today we have a store with over 1'000 m2 and thousands of different products around wool and sheep. Not only wool and wheels, but also duvets, sheep skins, clothes and carpets.

It is our passion to bring the great natural fibre - WOOL - to the people. This is why we try to bring everything that goes along with wool together. We have our own sheep, alpacas, lamas and camels and use their wool along with wool from all over the world. Today we are 25 people working with animals, in production, office and store.


Our store is open year round Monday - Saturday. Most products can be ordered from our webshop. The picture of our team was taken during the 25 year anniversary of Ueli and Sonja Schär.


Johann Ulrich Grädel
Bäch 4
Ph:062 962 11 52
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