I am a mother of three kids, two cats, and a log home. I am a spinner, and a generally curious person. Ottawa Valley Fiber Arts was created to share my love of spinning with others. I saw a need to use new and old technologies to provide information, products and services about spinning to spinners and (especially) spinners-to-be in the Ottawa Valley and anywhere with an Internet connection. As a younger women, I did not know that spinning still existed as an art form. I was a knitter, and I did not like the quality of the yarn I was using. It was so...uniform. I found some delicious, local handpainted yarn with colors that were alive, but I wanted something with more texture. And then, I found a drop spindle. The rest is history...and here we are today.

To date, Ottawa Vally Fiber Arts is a very small business. Its goal is to build community and share my love of handspinning with others, by providing high quality spinning supplies combined with excellent service and information.


Come visit us by appointment just south of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Call or email us to set up a time. We're here to help you enjoy handspinning and other fiber arts! You can see all of our products online at our website.


Heather Orpana
8 Ryeburn Drive
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