I have been a knitter my whole life, and a spinner for over 20 years. My passion for fiber led me to teaching, and working in a retail yarn shop for over a decade. I love education, opening the door to beginners, or expanding the horizons of more experienced fiber people. In my classes and events, I’ve found the kindred spirit between fiber friends, whether knitters, spinners, hand-dyers or fiber producers, is creatively uplifting and inspiring. I have taught students from children to seniors, and always find the same joy and encouragement when “Fibernating” in all age groups. There is a tangible feeling of connection and community when knitters and spinners are together, and my goal is to encourage more students, and create more opportunities for gathering to share this powerful creative energy.

I am an independent fiber arts instructor, and love sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I have created a line of patterns that originally were intended for hand spinners and their handspun yarn, but have expanded to highlight small fiber producer’s yarns and fiber. I am a dealer for Majacraft spinning wheels. I have spun on a Rose spinning wheel since it was first developed, and it is still my wheel of choice. I provide knitting and spinning instruction, design knitting patterns, and host events that bring fiber artists together to share in their craft.


Fibernate LLC is located in Vienna, Virginia and I can be reached by phone 703-244-0525, or e-mail, Please see my website,, for class/event schedules I accept paypal, personal checks and of course, cash!


2804 Schafflind Court
Ph:703 244-0525
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