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CHANGELOG – 12 September 2014

I spend quite a bit of time working on the Majacraft web site. Whether it is adding new features, writing pages, updating content, linking to others content or having a conversation like we have in the blog, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

So I got to thinking. In the past, I make changes and then hope that people magically find them and appreciate the improvements along the way. I recently realised that unless somebody is carefully paying attention (like me), then the useful changes or new products are likely to be overlooked.

I need to write a CHANGELOG that documents and improvements to you can see what new stuff there is to play with. So here it is!


FIBRE - Added fibre prices

WEAVING - Modified the menu structure of the weaving section - particularly in relation to the accessories

WEAVING - Put the Dynamic Heddle Loom Carry Bag on its own page

WEAVING - Added the double heddle Weaving Mounts

WEAVING - Added new Circular Loom getting started tutorial (PDF)

New banner on all pages

I hope this is informative and useful

Until next time


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