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Warp speed – a circular loom ideas book

Warp speed

Warp speed tutorial


Yes! Warp Speed is ready!

Warp speed is a collaborative tutorial/inspirational/ideas book for weaving on the circular loom It has been put together by Suzy Brown (Woolwench) and myself. We have been working on for quite a few months now and I am now delighted to release it to you.

So, a little bit about it. First off, the best bit, we are giving it away for FREE! So go download it and knock yourself out.

We have also worked to create a way of writing patterns that is easy to understand and replicate yourself. In an effort to come up with more ideas, there is also a template at the back of the book that you can freely print to make your own patterns with. I would encourage you to do this, and share them around. Suzy and I already have ideas for putting together patterns made up by the community to help spread it further (all with the appropriate acknowledgements and so forth :-) ). If you read it and think there are shortcomings or additions to the pattern scheme we have come up with, let either of us know and we can edit and add to it. Everybody wins then.

We have also included pictures of many of the inspirational weavings created by people on the Circle Weaving Facebook group. I am really proud of the community that is building in the Circle Weaving group on Facebook and I am getting to live a little vicariously as well :-) . They have been enthusiastic with their support of others and generous with their ideas which are shared freely in the group. It is so cool to see people working together to grow the craft. If you are interested, come along and join in!

Here is the link to the document Warp Speed

So go right ahead, download it, share it with others, experiment with some of the ideas and if you are willing, show me what you have made. I would love to see.

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