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Circular Looms and circle weaving on Facebook

It has been a while since I last put anything up on the blog as I have been very busy in the workshop. Some of the things I cannot talk about yet :-)  but one I can is related to the circular looms. We have started producing a new 180mm (~7") circular loom which we are building stocks of. The first batch is ready to go and will be sent out to dealers in the next week or two. They have 79 notches so it will be possible to do fine work if you wish.

This is so hot off the press the pictures are not on the Majacraft web site yet!

180mm circular loom

180mm circular loom


There is also a Circle Weaving group started recently on Facebook that you may be interested in. Once you have joined Facebook, do a search for "Circle Weaving" and you should be on your way. This is open to all people interested in circular looms from any manufacturer! There are some really novel and innovative ideas being shown and a great spirit of sharing knowledge and inspiration.

While on Facebook, why not check out our own Majacraft Facebook page or the "Manic Dynamic Majacrafters" who are doing amazing things with the Dynamic Heddle Loom.

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  1. Will the larger looms be made with the deeper notches as well?

  2. I would love to see a bundle offered at a special price (hint hint) of all three sizes!

  3. It is on our minds… No promises yet though. :-)

  4. Is it now promise time for a special deal on the three circular loom? There is interest out here.

  5. How can I purchase the circular looms? in the US.

  6. Hi Dorothy. Any of our dealers can order them and you can find them on the dealer pages of our web site. If you get stuck, contact us directly. Andrew

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