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The Rube Goldberg Overdrive

We received a message today in the Majacraft inbox via Christine Oliver of Moondance Colour Company about her Rube Goldberg Overdrive.

Irish tension Majacraft Overdrive Head

Irish tension Overdrive Head


Using some backroom genius, she has converted her Overdrive to use an Irish tensioning system. I have to confess that I just LOVE this stuff. Generating a hypothesis and then using the resources available to test and produce a result, just brilliant! While you can appreciate we may not be reproducing this directly ourselves as something that all Overdrive spinners can use, this is simply excellent. If you could see the way many Majacraft prototypes develop, it is exactly like this so much kudos Christine.

Can you see the way it works?

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P.S. Great to see the Overdrive running on an older generation Suzie!

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  1. Looks like a good excuse to go buy a loom, too!

  2. I wondered about the idea of letting the loop sit over the edge of the loom (or whatever was appropriate) and then tying a little weight to it. Then the tension and hence control could be varied :-)

  3. I actually did fiddle with hanging a weighted string off the flyer pulley, but it took quite a bit to make it draw in fast enough when doing longraw. See it here. More work to do.

  4. Fascinating! I admire your ingenuity, Christine!

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