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Not Majacraft news

Here is some not Majacraft news - mostly. Three more days of work this year before our summer break. The "That Project" wheels are just about finished. I guess they will probably not make the Christmas stockings this year but should be there soon after. For those who are interested in the Treasure Hunt I mentioned a post or two ago, the clues were not just going to be hidden in photos, reread the message :-)

And here is the not the Majacraft news. I went to see Avatar in 3d over the weekend. I thought it was absolutely breathtaking! Now in saying that, I am a sci fi fan and can usually find something redeeming in most movies. I found it exciting, moving, a spectacle and highly recommend it. I plan on seeing it at least once more so would suggest that if you are on the fence GO SEE IT!

Pics from the movie

Thats all for now.


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  1. i found them!!! … now is there anyway that you can add the box for followers to this blog? .. as i can’t seem to get the rss feed working but can watch for new updates from my blog when i follow it .. make sence?

  2. Here’s one for Andy the sci fi fan
    Take the Little Gem and fold it down without taking the upper stem and flyer off (turn the bobbin sideways)
    What does it look like to you……………………………………….think Star Wars……………..

  3. Awesome! I never saw that. I can get a Millienium falcon or if I use my imagination a bit more a B-wing ( :-)

    I wonder if I could convince the others to paint them grey…

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