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The Overdrives are coming

It has been a bit of a mammoth effort to push the new Overdrive Heads into production but things are progressing well and nearly ready for shipping out to you. Here are the first ones in the final stages of building. Just so you know we are not eating donuts and drinking coffee!

Overdrive heads in progress

Overdrive heads in progress


Overdrive bobbins

Overdrive bobbins

Until next time


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  1. What a job Andy…!!
    Can’t wait to have them here to send to my customers…!


  2. How much in British pounds?

  3. We have worked out the retail price of 225 pounds – I am not sure if there are local taxes/VAT that have to be added to this. The after tax prices are really tricky to work out with all the different countries the parts go to :-) . Any of our UK dealers would be happy to give you a landed price too.


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