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Double heddle weaving by Annick Keters

On the weekend of the 22nd February, Alet Tienport hosted some classes for double heddle weaving on the Dynamic Heddle Loom as taught y Patty Poot and Suzy Brown.

There were some amazing pieces created by the students. These photos of weaving by Annick Keters appeared in my Facebook feed and really stood out. I thought you might like to share them too. As I have mentioned before, I am so proud to see what people are creating on Majacraft tools.

Using the warping frame on the DHL

Using the looms warping frame


Warping the DHL

Warping it up


Ready to start weaving

Ready to start weaving


Weaving on the DHL

Double heddle weaving


Cloth from the DHL

Annick Keters weaving


Double heddle weaving cloth detail

Double heddle weaving cloth detail


Congratulations Annick on some beautiful weaving!


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  1. Oh my Goddess! Thank you for this! I’m taking my first steps in weaving and got very lucky with the color choice. I hope I can keep this up! The scarf is of the loom now. It just needs a dunk in the water and finishing. Thanks Majacraft for the lovely tools you guys make. Hopefully other dynamic heddle weavers Will try the dubble heddle weaving. It’s worth the extra effort. Greetings from Belgium and one happy spinner/weaver! Annick

  2. Thank you for sharing Andy!
    We did so much with the Majacraft tools….Combs, hackle, dizz, and yes, lovely results on the loom!
    Definetely there will be a follow up!

    Kind regards, Alet

  3. I totally love it! there will be a dynamic heddle loom in my future!
    and then to master the two heddles!

  4. I love my Majacraft loom! I’d like to weave with two heddles but what are the pieces holding the front heddle for the warping process?

  5. Hi Sharon, the are an accessory heddle mount. I am planning on posting them in the weaving accessories in the immediate future. Keep an eye on the web site. Andy

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