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Announcing the Overdrive Head

With great pleasure (and a little bit of pride!) I am delighted to announce the new Overdrive Head by Majacraft. This has been a collaborative project between Suzy Brown (Woolwench) and Majacraft over the last year and we have finally been able to finish it off.

Overdrive high capacity spinning head

Overdrive high capacity spinning head


The Overdrive Head will allow you to spin production volumes of yarn on the Aura, Rose or Suzie/Suzie Professional. It is based on the Aura double drive head but has a larger axle and much larger bobbin.

Overdrive high capacity spinning head

Overdrive high capacity spinning head



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  1. this was fabulous. I just cannot wait to get my hands on one of these! Thank you guys for making our bulky spinning a fun ride!

  2. Very cool. Can we use the head with a different flyer? It would be interesting to get to turn my Rose into a double drive wheel! I never tried double drive.

  3. I watched the live broadcast last night and it was so exciting. When will I be able to order this new over drive head with the awesome bobbin?

  4. Hi Coral,

    At the moment only the overdrive flyer will fit with the head and bobbins. We may look at alternate orifices later but this is the one that makes sense at the moment. I hope I have answered what you asked :-)


  5. Intriguing addition to the great Majacraft family! I’m using my Aura to spin yarn to weave on my Majacraft loom with stand. A few questions:

    What “pieces” are actually changed on my Aura to use this new system?

    When will the new system be available for purchase?

    How much will it cost (U.S. dollars)?

    Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Beth,

    It is really easy to use on the Aura, unscrew your existing head and then screw the new one on. That is it!

    I just made the overdrive page live and it has the indicative RRP on it


  7. i have the alpaca, im assuming that, scince it is the same as a suzie it would fit the OD head?

  8. Hi Emma,

    I have a little more testing to do to make sure it will fit on the older style handles – we have to find a low profile handle nut to secure the head rather than the large wooden one you are likely to have as the nut will interfere with the bobbin drive band. I will post when we have information either way (PS I am determined to make this work though…)


  9. Andy,
    Any updates of the Overdrive head working on a 2007 Rose? Definitely interested. I absolutely love my Rose and brag to everyone that will listen.


  10. Look for an announcement this coming week – assuming I can take a break from building stuff/get my writing head on!


  11. I might download and read the overdrive manual if I were you…

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