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The water wheel – PTII

Owen's water wheel project has been progressing well. I am sure you don't appreciate how much of a relief this is, however, without a new water wheel we will soon run out of water for cups of tea at morning break. Truly a grave situation! My little girl Sophie came to work with me this morning and this is her with Poppa working on the water wheel. I am not sure about the colour choice though. I think it may need a name along the lines of HMS Achilles or something similar.

Owen, Sophie and the new waterwheel

Owen, Sophie and the new waterwheel

Something else that has been on my mind is having a little treasure hunt for tidbits about the Big Project. I thought you might enjoy it if I did things like hide little clues in the background of photos I post or perhaps in the page source (as soon as I work out how to do it in WordPress). Sound like fun?

Until next time :-)


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  1. Andy, you’re incorrigible!

    Anyway, when I first saw Sophie (Majacraft Weekend) she was newly born. She has grown!

  2. Hi Andy, Glynis Rob Owen & Team,

    Owen don’t take any notice. It looks great, sleek trim & purpose-built.
    I note from the photographer’s angle-of-shot, the ceiling’s well-hung, there’s four ready to go, you still have your Special Alcove Workshop serenely tucked away sufficiently from the main workshop area (but not too far away!).
    Also have noted there’s no obvious splashes of goo on the walls in the flyer/packing area. So Rob obviously you are relatively calm (smile).

    I trust it won’t be long before HMS Wheel is launched but suitably anchored, & is running at full steam ahead.

    Speaking of full steam ahead; watch out for 2010!.

    Have an excellent Blessed Christmas.
    Share the Joy with family & friends (both old & new-found).

    ps The Feroza’s going well.

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