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Something BIG is coming

not long now...

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  1. WHAT IS IT?!?

  2. There was a clue in Ply Magazine if its something to do with a drum carder….

  3. something else…

  4. An electric spinner???

  5. What about a huge flyer with a mega bobbin?! lol

  6. Good guesses! Clues are abounding…

  7. I am working on plans at the moment to show this … thing … before camp. I spent quite a bit of time over the weekend getting the final pieces into place for production. There are some cool ideas formulating on how to share this in a pretty unique way. More news will follow as soon as I can get it out.

  8. Will this Exciting Thing be coming to camp? Will we be able to play with it there?

  9. We are definitely planning on you being able to have a go at camp Kate. :-)

  10. It’s PAST the promised reveal date! What Gives?!?!

  11. editing the photos now…

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