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Majacraft Circular Loom

Here is the latest addition to our family of weaving products, the Majacraft Circular Loom. It is 275mm in diameter (10.8") and is made from a 4mm thick plywood. It was developed in conjunction with the Golden Fleece fibre creativity course (although they have a slightly different version for students).


Majacraft Circular Loom

Majacraft Circular Loom


It is excellent for taking with you as it is thin and light and there are some stunning pieces being created with it already.

You can view the product details on the Majacraft web site here and here is an excellent (and free) getting started tutorial (I really must get on to writing one too!)

We have been amazed to see what people have created already on their circular looms, including this at this piece by Suzy Brown of Woolwench.

Woolwench - fairy light circular weaving

Fairy light circular weaving (woolwench)


and more detail...

Fairy lights detail

Fairy lights detail (woolwench)


If you are interested in taking up this fun and creative for of weaving, contact your dealer for information on a circular loom.

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  1. How to order for a client? I find no listing for the circular loom on an order form?

  2. Where can I get a circle loom in the US? Most shops don’t seem to carry it!

  3. Please advise how I may purchase the Majacraft Circular Loom, what is the price & shipping cost to Mississauga Ontario Canada.
    Please respond to my email address.

  4. I like cicrular majacraft loom. I live in Costa Rica, how can I buy it? My email is

  5. The circular looms went into the dealers ordering database on the web site on Jan 1st – apologies it took a little while to get there.

    If you are interested in these looms and you do not have a local dealer then contact us through and we will help you out.


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