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A nice place to work

One of the things that is quite special about working at Majacraft is the enviroment. The workshop is actually Owen and Glynis' old farm shed that we converted and hence we work on their little farm. They really enjoy trees and plants so we have a lovely surroundings with many mature trees. Anyway, back on track with the story... At this time of the year, the New Zealand flaxes are flowering and we have a row of them just a couple of metres from the offices and tea room. The native birds love the flowers and we are getting many tuis feeding all through the day. I took a couple of photos of the tuis in the flaxes to share with you. Bear in mind that these are almost close enough to touch. Late spring/early summer really is a lovely time to be able to work here!


Tui on flax


Tui on flax


Tui on flax


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