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Long time, no see

So this is what they mean by being behind the 8-ball! Needless to say I have been rather busy recently simply helping to get products into boxes and into the postie's van. There has been a bunch of news to share so here goes.

Majacraft on Facebook

Yes, we have a Facebook page finally! It is being managed by the lovely Donyale Grant as our resources in the factory are already tapped out. Included on the page are tidbits from the workshop as well as inspirational resources, people and ideas from the wide world of the internet. You are welcome to come and join in the conversation!

Majacraft on Facebook

Patsy and Rich Zawitoski

Patsy Zawitoski and her husband Rich visited us recently at the workshop and we had a lovely time sharing spinning...stuff ;-) with them both. You can read about their international adventures on their blog here or alternatively go straight to the Majacraft bit here.

Dynamic Heddle Loom

As more of our very unique looms make their way around the world, we are seeing some very interesting and creative work coming from different artists. If you are keen to see some of the amazing stuff that weavers are making, try visiting these web sites

Donyale Grant - Moggy and me

Esther Rogers - Jazzturtle

Suzy Brown - Woolwench

Rather than edit this post for days getting it just so, I think the wisest choice is to publish it quick to let you know that we are indeed still alive at Majacraft! Hopefully I will get back to the blog real soon and maybe I will be able to share something about the progress of Blue Sun.



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