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The Purple Pro

Every now and then we get a request for something special in a wheel. The most recent is the Purple Professional. Rob took a great deal of time in the painting of the purple drive wheel and whorl (as he does with all painting of Professional and Alpaca wheels - it is a long and tricky process to get them as good as he does). When completed, it looked quite extraordinary and we were delighted with how it turned out.

Majacraft Purple Professional

Majacraft Purple Professional

In case you are interested, the colour is called "Violent Violet". Awesome!


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  1. Purple is my favourite colour. I wish I didn’t already have a Pro so I could get it done like this.

  2. I think that your original green color is by far the best.

  3. Love that purple! stunning! Might have to wear shades though if it were mine…

  4. I’d love a purple wheel, in fact I want one, is it possible the new wheel will be purple?

  5. That part is as yet not fully decided so who knows? I will make sure your request is heard :-)

  6. I must say, I really like the green Pro better than the purple; although I like to wear purple a lot!
    Hannelore, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

  7. Love it so! Makes me consider ordering a custom painted flywheel and whorl even though I have a perfectly functioning black one.

  8. Wow! Love it! I want one!

  9. Beautiful colour – love it and want one now. Makes my nearly antique, and definitely extinct Haldane look very tatty…..

    Dear Santa…..

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