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Majacraft web site updates plus a new Aura Tutorial

I have spent much of today working on the Majacraft web site. You may notice a few changes next time you visit.

Firstly, the blog posts now feed directly on to the front page of the web site - this is going to make it easier to keep up with Majacraft news and views (when I take a break from building to work on the computer). I am very pleased with this as creating the hooks into WordPress proved to be a bit ... tricky...

The other big modification is improvements to the Resources area. I have been working on building a better platform that hopefully makes the content more discoverable and should also set the stage to easily add new tutorials, videos and so forth.

In my frenzied activity, I have also put up a new tutorial as well (Resources->Tutorials if you want to find it) on "Lace Spinning on the Aura". I was written by Seattle spinner Evanita Montalvo as part of a Ravelry post so thank you very much Evanita for providing this valuable instruction.

If you have not been to the Majacraft Resources area, I suggest having a little look about, you might find the answers you were looking for!

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  1. thanks, andy. should hook up with evanita now that we’re only about an hour away from seattle. hoping to see you before the end of the year.

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