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The original Free Standing Skeiner

I thought you may have been interested in seeing some of the first prototypes of the wheels and tools we now build. While we do not have the prototypes for everything still (somehow they seem to get lost or canabilised), there are still quite a few in storage. I thought this one was "DONE" but when I put it to the others, they were not so keen on the design of the feet. It is still possible to see the evolution of where the skeiner ended up though. If you are interested in the wood, it is called 'Pacific Hardwood' which is actually resin injected pine. We experimented with Pacific Hardwood for quite a while as it had some great properties.

Prototype Free Standing Skeiner

Prototype Free Standing Skeiner

I have spotted another couple of prototype wheels about so if you are interested, drop in some feedback and I will dig out the camera again.


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  1. I would definitely be interested in seeing some prototype wheels, and to see how they have evolved (I am a very happy new-ish Suzie Pro owner).

  2. Yes, absolutely. Why would we NOT want to see other exhibits in the Majacraft Evolution Museum?

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