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We’re back – and Spin Artiste

Welcome one and all, we have started back at work for the year and boy is it hot in the workshop! I am anticipating Autumn and Winter with relish at the moment as the afternoons are so very humid and the workshop has very little breeze moving through it. The irony is that come June I will be bleating about longing for Summer again. I guess I am hard to please ;-)

We have some interesting changes coming up soon and I hope you will see some of the fruits of these before long. As a hint, we should be able to produce much finer reed segments which will increase the versatility of the Dynamic Heddle Loom - everything going to plan, these should be underway in about 8 weeks.

I have been doing CAD design work on a very exciting new product (well to me at least :-) ), however I am pretty confident that others are going to be pretty interested when it materialises.

Over the Summer, Arlene from Spin Artiste did an interview about Majacraft and in the last fortnight posted it on her web site. There are some never before seen pictures of Aura and loom prototypes and she asked some really insightful questions. If you would like to learn a little more about Majacraft and what makes us tick then take time to have a read. My daughter Sophie has a little feature role as well (proud Dad!). Click the image to visit Spin Artiste and read the interview.

Sophie in the Majacraft workshop - Spin Artiste interview

Sophie in the Majacraft workshop - Spin Artiste interview


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