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Owen’s next wheel project!

Ha! I bet that heading caught your attention! This is indeed Dad's next wheel project but maybe not what you were expecting.

When Rob and I were kids, Dad built a waterwheel to pump drinking water from the stream to our house tank. I am not sure how many years ago this was but it has got to be in the region of 20 or thereabouts. Well, the waterwheel has finally collapsed and Baz, Lance, Ellen, Rob and I have just been outside helping push the wheel up the hill so Dad can start on Mark II.

Owen and the dead waterwheel

Owen and the dead waterwheel

I am guessing we are going to be watching the new waterwheel appear in the depths of the workshop over the next couple of weeks.


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  1. Owen now is your chance to regain some of your lost space!.
    Make sure that you refurbish the wheely big wheel in the choicest of workshop pickings (which I guess are even slimmer than when I was there).

    I would be interested in some pics later please, of this project’s progress.

    Season’s greetings to family & crew.
    Excellent website & nice newsletters too. I need to check your blogsite more often. (smile).

    God bless

  2. I too am looking forward to future instalments of the restoration as we are doing the same job in France at the moment. Restoring a 13th century watermill. Good luck and Joyeux Noel.

  3. Hi Josephine,
    I’d love to see photos of your water wheel project. It sounds fascinating and being so old, much more glamorous!

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