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The first…

Bendigo has come and gone and I have been hearing lots of interesting stories from the people who were able to attend. Several of our dealers had the new looms on their stands to demonstrate and sell.

So here are the first two people in the world to own the looms, Joy Dove and Tricia Costello. I sincerely want to thank you both for trusting in what we craft. I hope that you get years and years of creative pleasure from them.

And here are the first two bundles of joy!

Joy and Tricia with the first Majacraft looms

Joy and Tricia with the first Majacraft looms


If you are on Ravelry, there is a thread in the Majacraft fans group discussing the loom and I have made a couple of comments with tidbits there - I guess I have set up a little treasure hunt for you! More loom news will follow soon...

Until next time


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  1. I couldn’t be more excited for you to share this photo Andy – such wonderful people and how amazing to be the first people in the WORLD to purchase the loom. It was my absolute pleasure to show them how it worked but I have to be honest….they looked at the Loom, and were sold straight away. My part was easy.

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