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The honeymoon is not over…

Although I suspect I might be in the blog honeymoon period at the moment, I am delighted to report that I still have plenty to share.

I have been enjoying Ravelry hugely recently. There is always something interesting being shared or taught. The people who started the Ravelry community up have done a fantastic job and I think should be very proud of what they have achieved. If you are a crafty person and have not joined Ravelry yet, what is keeping you? :-) There really is something for everyone, I have even managed to join the Battlestar Galatica group! PS Don't forget to join <shameless plug>Majacraft Fans</shameless plug>

In case anybody has missed it, Christmas seems to be approaching very fast. We typically take about a month off in January to enjoy the NZ summer so I am starting to think of what to do with my family. For the last couple of years we have been camping at the beach but we may do something different this year. Of course, I want to take them with us to the camp/weekend with Lexi Boeger in February so we might get two holidays this summer. I am a Lord of the Rings fan and enjoy Wellington (where the Majacraft camp is going to be) a lot because much of the production of the movie trilogy happened in that area. What are your plans for Christmas and holiday this year if you would like to share?

On the wooded road

On the wooded road

This is some friends and I visiting where the hobbits hid from the Nazgul on the wooded road. Yes, I confess I am a bit of a geek. However, if you come to the Majacraft Camp and it fits in the schedule then perhaps we could visit some of the locations ;-)


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