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WoolWench and ‘The One Wheel’

Here is a really cool story that quite a few people have brought to our attention recently. Suzy from Holland/New Zealand (WoolWench on Ravelry) has had a very unique idea on how to become the proud owner of a new Aura. She has made a page on Indiegogo that operates similar to Kickstarter where she exchanges services for support of her project.

I personally think the story behind 'The One Wheel' is fantastic so if you are interested in having a little smile - or better still, supporting a talented and creative lady, take a visit to the following URL.

Here is a sample of what Suzy is creating and selling on her etsy page

WoolWench's Tulip yarn

WoolWench's Tulip yarn


As a small addition to this story, we have offered to customise Suzy's wheel if she reaches the target to make it a little bit more special!

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  1. Kia Ora! Thank you Andrew :) I am so touched by the generosity people are showing me through this campaign, and its wonderful to see how readily artists and craftspeople will jump in to support others and in doing so, support handmade. Along with that, I have found the whole project so far to be such a source of inspiration, making custom yarns and colourways has challenged me to get out of my usual box and I think I have made some of my best yarns ever as ‘reward’ yarns for contributors! When I do get my Aura its going to be truly the One Wheel, both in reality (thanks to your amazing customisation skills!) and for me it will also embody the generous input of others and this exciting journey to reaching my target.

  2. Wauw, you are so great! I hope she reaches the target!

  3. Suzy is an amazing artist…I live in West Virginia & have recently became a good friend of Suzy’s. She has made me some wonderful custom yarn & I love her work. I look forward to seeing what even wonderful things she can spin on ‘The One Wheel’. Good Luck Suzy!!!

  4. What kind of customizing is she getting? And is customizing available to anyone who asks? Or maybe pays extra?

  5. Yay!!! She met her goal!!! So happy for Suzy

  6. Hi Jo,

    Sorry I took a while to reply to your question. We offer customising on all wheels. It is usually arranged through the dealers. However, because it requires specific time out to do the designs (and quite a lot of time as well as we endeavour not to duplicate designs so each one is unique and generally done from scratch), then we charge for this time.

    If people want something specific and can put the design in a computer (CorelDraw files are the absolute best), then this can speed the development time up a lot – and hence reduce the cost of the customising.


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