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My busy Thursday

So, for those not following Majacraft Fans on Ravelry, this post is likely to seem somewhat obtuse - at least I have given you a clue of where to start looking!

I spent the morning with Owen (Dad) working on our super secret new project. It is shaping up very nicely and we are hoping that you are going to be as excited about it as we are.

It often surprises me in releasing new products that the easiest part is often the idea and building the prototype. What really takes the time and effort is working out the systems and jigs to produce it, doing the tech drawings, lead times to get all the components from manufacturers, organising the packaging, writing instructions, advertising, working out ways to let people know about it and at the end of all of this, is it actually going to make life better for spinners. Being involved in projects like this makes me appreciate hugely what the likes of car manufacturers or console makers have to go through to release a product that has thousands of interrelated components that must work perfectly together.

I don't think I revealed anything new but who knows, come on back and there may be bits and pieces that can be gleaned from my ramblings!

Have a great day


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  1. Come on Andy we need hints!!!! Have you read the posts on the new wheel on Ravelry? Are any of us close? I have two of your wheels and don’t think I can afford or have room for any more wheels. So will the new wheel make me want to trade my Little Gem or my Suzy Pro for the new wheel. We want more info!!!!!!!!

  2. I bet that you are going to add a built in wooly -winder on this new wheel – that sure would make spinning easier- also one less extra part to buy

    - can’t help guessing —–cheers and good luck on the work—–pat j

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