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Hackle-berry Finn

We now make hackles!

After quite a few requests for them we have found some space to build them. I am really pleased with how they turned out. We have again used Baz's great idea of bonding the pins into the hackle base using resin - it makes all the pins perfectly straight and aligned. They have an excellent cover to go over the pins so nothing gets pricked unnecessarily :-) . I am also very pleased with the new clamps we have made for the hackle. Using our 'Selection of Cleverness' again, we did things like drill the holes as slight angles so the hackle is held more firmly onto tables. The clamp block is covered with rubber that helps hold the hackle tighter while protecting your table. The hackle has tiny rubber feet for the same reason.

Double Row Hackle Set

Double Row Hackle Set

You might also notice the steps at the end of the hackle. They have been provided as a place to clamp the hackle with 'F' clamps if you prefer these to the Majacraft ones. As a nice little finishing touch, we laser engraved Majacraft on to the hackle base.

You can find the page on the main part of the web site here.

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  1. These are great! I can stack 25 gms of fibre onto the hackle and put the cap over the top to hold it all into place while I diz a multi-coloured roving. Works a treat!

  2. I like this better than the Canadian one which looks incredibly fatal! I can run my fingers on the tips and not get scared. Yet, it will similarly well with the wool fiber.

  3. Nicely engineered, as always. :)
    Beautiful finish too.

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