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The Aura-gle has landed

Well here it is, the games and teases are finally over and our 18 month long project has been liberated into the wilds. Our new wheel the Aura has been overwhelmingly well received and we have been really excited by how much people are enjoying it. I spoke to Dad (Owen) this afternoon and he was just buzzing about their trip to the US. He said they had been made to feel so welcome by all they had met and were very grateful for the genorosity they had been shown.

If you are interested, Rob and I were interviewed by Granny G and she has posted the podcast of the interview on her web site ( I have listened it through and was really pleased how it came out. I tend to be my own worst critic and usually don't like the way I sound recorded (I think I sound like I am talking through my nose or something!) but Genny must have done some audio magic as I thought it was great.

Hopefully Mum and Dad will have some Maryland photos I can share with you when they return on Saturday. Until next time...

Keep cool 'til after school.


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  1. You managed the entire Aura campaign so well. We had so much fun! Thank you, Andy and Rob, for all the hard work. Now we will get to enjoy learning how to spin a new way, discovering all of Aura’s hidden tricks.

  2. lol – I wish I could work magic ;-) i think it was the yummy lunch we had beforehand which kept us all well modulated and interesting ;-)

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