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They are on their way!

Maryland is approaching, the big reveal is coming and the new wheels are being packed and shipped to dealers from today! After a huge effort (this is why there haven't been any blog posts for the last couple of weeks), we are nearing the end of this huge project - or is it just the beginning? The testing we carry out on each wheel before packing has been very encouraging as they are performing even better than we had hoped for. So, the big question, are you going to Maryland? :-)

Boxes of secret wheels

Boxes of secret wheels

I have so many more tasks to do, ads, manuals, videos, more blog posts, photography (actually this is Rob's department, he is a great photographer) and I am going to need to get back to it. Until next time...


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  1. Oh man! I wish I was going to Maryland! I loved the secret message though. It’s been fun, Andy.

  2. The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is a big place. So big that I can’t usually walk all over the whole thing!

    I looked on the list of vendors, and you’re not listed.

    Where, exactly, at the MDS&WF will you be? I REALLY don’t want to miss you!

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