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Here comes a blogtastic day

After working hard out in the workshop for the last ... forever, I am back in the computer seat and am planning on posting lots of content today. Rob is out taking photos so keep your eyes open for more Majacraft goodies.

The first thing I have been wanting to share with you is the evolution of our flyers. For a long time we have been aware that the shape of the flyers affect the spinning in a considerable way. A flat or square flyer spinning at high speed creates a deal of wind turbulence and this requires work on the part of the spinner. To reduce the work required, we have changed the shape of the flyer bar to be more aerodynamically efficient and are very happy with the results. In our testing, the turbulence produced from one of our new flyers is much lower than anything we have come across. We think this innovation is going to be great if you are spinning fine or fast over a long periods.

Majacraft aerodynamic flyer

Majacraft aerodynamic flyer

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  1. Hi guys,

    Very nice development. I knew my over-zealous bevelling of the edges would prove worthwhile one day!. Rob must have been watching with those eyes in the back of his head again.
    Sigh. :)

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