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Hey Mum (Mom), look what I made!

Last week I did a big reveal, some of the screens came down and the curtains were drawn back. I assure you however there are still some cards we have safely stored up our sleeves to reveal in due course so don't think you have the new wheel pegged just yet. :-)

PluckyFluff (Lexi) has been busy over the last weekend and sent me a picture of the latest spinning she has been doing on her test wheel. Just to show you that this wheel has not been designed to do art yarns specifically, here is a selection of her yarns done with the one (prototype) flyer on the wheel. It even has an American coin to prove that it came from overseas - overseas from us that is.

PluckyFluff spinning samples on Serenity

PluckyFluff spinning samples on Serenity

Not bad from the one flyer huh? Of course it has a wide Selection of Cleverness™ in the design to make this all possible (and lots of Lexi skills!)

More to come...


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  1. You are such a tease!!!!

  2. Oh, when? I’m WAY over in Canada. Will we be able to get one??

    I’m shopping for a wheel RIGHT NOW–now you’ve made me see I’ll have to wait. :-( Will you drop-ship to Canada when the wheel’s available? Because I can imagine there will be a gap between the time you release and the time our local suppliers take up the new wheel.

    Hey–will you need Beta testers???? How about providing early access (at full price, of course) to keen, eager folks for a Beta testing program :-D

    I know, I know–too many questions. :-D

  3. i agree! .. but YUM sounds like it sure is going to be one amazing wheel! – Congrats in advance to the Majacraft Team!

  4. We drop ship pretty much everywhere – it is organised through our dealers.

    As for Beta testers, maybe not for this project but there are more coming and I really like the idea of spinners from the community being given the opportunity to test new stuff.

  5. Any time you need a BETA tester – keep me in mind. I’ve been spinning since 1974…..and I am a very happy Little Gem II owner from Wisconsin (USA)

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