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The Third and Final Circle Weave Along Tutorial!

And here we are! Thank you so much to everyone who has joined in with us on this fun project, we have LOVED seeing your beautiful weaving and knitting and have very much enjoyed the individual creative approaches you have each taken with this project. I am personally very excited to see the variety and variations on the theme and design as you have created and made it your own!  Now we know that not everyone has kept up with the weekly activity, but this is just fine, its like stretching our christmas over a longer period of time, and we hope to see people continue to post their finished projects and progress photos on the Circle Weave CWAL event page!

This week we just have the video to share, the final steps are fairly straight forward, involving joining the second woven circle to the knitted length of scarf and then adding the tassels. I hope you will enjoy this stage and the video!

Happy CWAL-ing!



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  1. Beautiful ???? and thank you. I will try more of this from time to time ???? ????

  2. Sorry for the??signs it should be hearts and smily faces.

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