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New staff at Majacraft

My wife Toni had some jobs to do this morning so I offered to take care of our daughter Sophie for a couple of hours. There are plenty of child size activities to do in the office but she was keen to come and spend time with me in the workshop. Being a very helpful young lady I thought that she might like to do a bit of sanding. At this stage she is only part time however as her wage expectations are very favourable (Milo and biscuits), we are strongly considering employing her full time!

Sophie sanding

Sophie sanding


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  1. Well, what do you know. There is that blue file folder for the third time. Hmmm,

  2. Ok so what am i missing? ….. i presume its within the cute picture?

  3. AH … the blue folder is appearning ever so often now???

  4. To heck with the blue folder!.
    How come she gets Milo AND Biscuits!!????.
    You didn’t give me Milo & biscuits!.
    Mind you, even ‘though WINZ took a fair whack of the $$$$$$ you paid me, I did really appreciate the chance to work with you guys. :)

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