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Rob at the pit face

Our first week back at Majacraft is over and it has been a lot of fun. There are so many irons we have in the fire which we will be sharing with you over the year it is just crazy. I have been mixing my time with doing the pre assembly work on Little Gems (building cranks, drilling bases and so on) with getting the blog up and going again and other (super secret) CAD work.

Rob putting the finishing touches on Rose carriers

Rob putting the finishing touches on Rose carriers

As for Rob, he is simply an amazing Jack-of-all-trades, spraying gluing, building - the list goes on and on. Baz (who made a guest appearance in one of our recent newsletters) builds our Rose carriers from scratch before he passes them on to others for the final touches. Here is Rob gluing the handles and magnets into the carriers - and wondering when he can go home for a rest!

Have a great weekend and I will catch you next week.


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  1. G’day Rob,

    I’m trying to work out just which bench this is?. I guess it’s my old one?.
    From the rest of the blog it sounds like your busy.
    Having ‘rest’ & ‘busy’ in the last sentence may seem perhaps contradictory.
    But one should not have a sentence hanging over them with just ‘work’ in it.
    I wanted to include a word of Hope for you (rest) :)

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