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Excellent video introduction to the Majacraft Aura

Over the years we have learned that sometimes people can feel a little intimidated or confused by how to use the tensioning system on the Aura and Overdrive heads. It is really simple to say "oh its easy, just turn that knob", sometimes the practicality is not so easy to follow. A video however is far superior to demonstrate this and we are exceptionally lucky and grateful to Suzy Brown of Woolwench for putting together this instructional video. If there is anything you are puzzling about with the tensioning, this is likely to help make things much clearer.

It explains in really simple terms the effect of moving the green drive band, the black bobbin drive band and adjusting the black band tension too. I am certain that after watching this, spinners will have much more confidence and control over what they can create.

Thanks Suzy and I hope spinners out there enjoy the video

Until next time


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