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The first…

Bendigo has come and gone and I have been hearing lots of interesting stories from the people who were able to attend. Several of our dealers had the new looms on their stands to demonstrate and sell.

So here are the first two people in the world to own the looms, Joy Dove and Tricia Costello. I sincerely want to thank you both for trusting in what we craft. I hope that you get years and years of creative pleasure from them.

And here are the first two bundles of joy!

Joy and Tricia with the first Majacraft looms

Joy and Tricia with the first Majacraft looms


If you are on Ravelry, there is a thread in the Majacraft fans group discussing the loom and I have made a couple of comments with tidbits there - I guess I have set up a little treasure hunt for you! More loom news will follow soon...

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An exciting addition to Majacraft!

One of the things I enjoy most about working with Majacraft is people. I have been privileged to meet some incredibly talented and creative people and I confess I get a bit star struck when I think that I have actually met people like Lexi Boeger and Jacey Boggs and what's more, they are just wonderful! We count ourselves very fortunate that they have chosen to use tools we have built to create amazing stuff far beyond what we could imagine or have hoped for. We really value these relationships and are always looking to develop new connections wherever we see opportunities to help creative people and grow fibre art.

Well, I am very excited to share that we have made a new connection with somebody in an area we have not been able to reach before - weaving. I first heard about this person being invited to tutor at an upcoming camp and after reading the brief profile thought to myself, "this is a person we HAVE to reach out to". After several conversations, she excitedly agreed to try our new loom and so a super secret box was jetted off. This took place several months ago and we have been receiving some very valuable feedback and seeing some amazing new possibilities for weaving. When I have been looking through the photos of work she has produced on the loom, I am just blown away and to be honest, am living a little vicariously when I can say "I touched the loom that took part in making that!".

So who is this mystery person? Well I am very proud to announce that Donyale Grant of Moggy and Me has decided to join with us in our weaving project. Here is a just a tiny sample of what she has been creating in the last couple of months.


You can read all about Donyale on her website Moggy and Me and if you are interested in seeing photos of her weaving work - as well as some sneaky previews of the Majacraft loom, then check out her Flickr pages.

Donyale is currently at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool festival in Victoria demonstrating the new loom as well as displaying and selling some of her work.

I am very excited about this new partnership and am very grateful to Donyale for agreeing to go on this journey with us. I can't wait to see what we can create together in the future!

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