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Majacraft Maryland Schedule

Hi there

Glynis has just passed me the schedule for their travels around the Maryland Show (and the presentation of a certain super secret spinning wheel). I said I would post it and here it is. If you want to come and meet them or Lexi and test drive the new wheel then come along. I know they would be happy to meet you.

Saturday morning:

Yarn Barn - from 10.30am – Glynis and Lexi  - Main Hall - D 08,09,10
Earthguild –from 10.30am  - Owen - Main Hall - C08,09,10
Ellen’s Half Pint - Owen - Main Hall - B 13

Saturday afternoon:

Susan’s Fiber from 2.30pm - Glynis & Lexi - Building 2-  07,09,11
Stony Mountain from 2.30pm – Owen Barn 6 – 10,12
The Spinnery from 3.30pm – Owen - Barn 6 – 09.

Sunday morning:

Carolina Homespun from 10.30 am – Lexi and Glynis - Main Hall - C 24
Three Waters Farm from 10.30pm  - Owen - Main Hall - B 23
Bullens Wullens from 11.30am – Owen - Main Hall - D 06

Sunday afternoon:

Misty Mountain Farm from 2.30pm– Glynis and Lexi – Outside South - S 4
The Fold from 2pm - Owen - Barn 3 - 18
Uncommon Threads from 3.30pm– Owen - Outside East -  E7
American Cormo Assoc - 4H from 4.30pm  -Glynis & Owen–  Outside East - E13

I hope you can make it to the show. We are busy making preparations for Owen and Glynis flying out on Sunday 25th April.

Until next time.


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They are on their way!

Maryland is approaching, the big reveal is coming and the new wheels are being packed and shipped to dealers from today! After a huge effort (this is why there haven't been any blog posts for the last couple of weeks), we are nearing the end of this huge project - or is it just the beginning? The testing we carry out on each wheel before packing has been very encouraging as they are performing even better than we had hoped for. So, the big question, are you going to Maryland? :-)

Boxes of secret wheels

Boxes of secret wheels

I have so many more tasks to do, ads, manuals, videos, more blog posts, photography (actually this is Rob's department, he is a great photographer) and I am going to need to get back to it. Until next time...


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