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Back from camp

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all,

I have arrived back at Majacraft after a fantastic weekend at Lexi's camp, exhausted but brimming with ideas. Where to start? Well, first off, it was AWESOME! For me the thing I enjoyed most about it was not necessarily the techniques that she taught - which were great of course - but more about looking at spinning in different ways, thinking about how to spin in different ways. Lexi was delightful and our time with her seems over far to quickly. We are definitely going to have to invite her back!

I also very much enjoyed the company of the camp members as well. We had a lot of fun and it was great to meet many that I have only known by name. Special mention of course must go to the theatre company that presented an adaptation of Cinderella. Unfortunately both the cameras are still in Wellington so this is going to be a 'words' post rather than a graphical feast, the photos will follow later this week.

It was also nice to be able to share the new wheel with the camp. We had an opportunity for free time to try it that several people took up. There is still tweaking and development going on as we work to making it as perfect as possible.

And finally, congratulations to Nicole who won a Majacraft spinning wheel with our spot prize. She is going to university this week so having a wheel to take with her during her studies is likely to be a pleasant surprise.

Bye for now.


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Lexi (Pluckyfluff) is here!

A quick post to let you know that Lexi has arrived! She spent a day with us in the factory and we raced through lots of development stuff, testing new combinations and configurations on the wheel. It is coming together very nicely and we are planning on seeing the first production woodwork tomorrow. Owen, Glynis and Lexi have since flown to Wellington ready for the camp and Rob and I are following them down on Friday. For those that are coming see you soon. For those that are going to be elsewhere, I'll tell you all about it next week when we get back and the pressure is off.



Hey Mum (Mom), look what I made!

Last week I did a big reveal, some of the screens came down and the curtains were drawn back. I assure you however there are still some cards we have safely stored up our sleeves to reveal in due course so don't think you have the new wheel pegged just yet. :-)

PluckyFluff (Lexi) has been busy over the last weekend and sent me a picture of the latest spinning she has been doing on her test wheel. Just to show you that this wheel has not been designed to do art yarns specifically, here is a selection of her yarns done with the one (prototype) flyer on the wheel. It even has an American coin to prove that it came from overseas - overseas from us that is.

PluckyFluff spinning samples on Serenity

PluckyFluff spinning samples on Serenity

Not bad from the one flyer huh? Of course it has a wide Selection of Cleverness™ in the design to make this all possible (and lots of Lexi skills!)

More to come...


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The Mystery of the Blue Folder

Greetings from Majacraft :-) February is upon us already and can you believe it, the NZ equivalent of Walmart is already got Easter eggs on the shelf! January seems to have gone in just a blink so I guess I really am aging.

If you have been reading the most recent blog posts, you might have noticed a blue folder appearing in the background of several photos. This was part of a little treasure hunt that I have been playing with Ravelry readers. Nothing about the mystery blue folder has been revealed - until now.

If you were not already aware, we are releasing a new wheel this year which we have been feverishly developing it for about a year now. This is unlike any project we have done before and it is something we are very excited about, so here goes, Stage 1 of the big reveal...


The Blue Folder

The Blue Folder

Yes it is true! We have been developing the new wheel in collaboration with Pluckyfluff (Lexi Boeger), one of the leading art yarn spinners in the world. She has compiled a list of her requirements of a wheel that will spin art yarns like no other and using a Selection of Cleverness™, we have built an all new wheel. It looks like we have created something pretty special so far. In preliminary testing by Lexi, she tried spinning some of the trickiest yarns in her repetoire and they (Lexi and the wheel) did it effortlessly - like a yarn-eating-spinning-machine...thing...wheel...

It has been very important to us that this is not going to be a one trick pony and we are making sure that the wheel will excel in as many techniques as possible.

More information will be posted soon but for now you are just going to have to imagine what this wheel is going to look like. :-)