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New Year, New Bobbin Colour!

What a wonderful way to welcome in a new year! I have just closed voting and spent some (considerable) time! counting all the votes that were made to choose the Special Edition Bobbin colour of 2018! I am excited and I can tell you that it wasnt till I was about three quarters through the vote counting that I started to see a preference, it was suspenseful :)

Here are the four colours we picked to choose from:

Previous years have seen Lime Green, Purple, Pink, and an extra to celebrate our Anniversary in Lilac. When we chose the above colours it was with the hope that any of those colours would look wonderful with the already collected previous year colours too. I did have my own preference but I am not going to say what it was :D except I am glad I didnt have to vote as I really loved all the colours! The ones not chosen will be reprieved next year as options too so if your favourite wasnt chosen this year, it could be in 2019!

Heres a quick preview of past colours... and then I will reveal the new one!

And the 2018 Winner is....

I love it!

Here is my very rough photoshop impression of how the bobbins could look :)  

Thank you so much to everyone! And of course we cannot leave without a draw for five lucky bobbin recipients! Congratulations to...

Brenda Trammell

Lyndon Bradford Regan

Janine Studholme

Helena Wild

Cheryl Feary

We will go ahead and get these bobbins created to just the right colour (Eastern Blue!!) and we will send them to our draw winners and let you all know when they are available!


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Aura Club Extreme Yarn Challenge

Things have been pretty exciting over the last month in the Aura Club, as we have been running an 'Extreme Yarn' challenge! The Aura is a wheel that is MADE for extremes, it handles the biggest, bulkiest, most textured of yarns, taking it all in it's stride with rarely any need to hand wind onto the bobbin or even worry about it all fitting. We knew this already, but this challenge has also shown us the huge range of the Aura wheels and the people who own them! We saw extreme fine (Anne Lies) to extreme texture and colour (Joelle McCarthy), we have seen extreme plants, such as the nettle spun by Judy Kavanagh, the flax by Samantha Gehrmann, or the fresh grass spun by Isla Fabu.

We saw some extreme 'firsts' with such as Isabelle Rovero's very first yarn, and Sandi Hicks taking raw fleece to spun yarn for the first time. And we also saw some extreme colours and textures. I was blown away by Anne Lies super fine lace weight, I can only imagine the time that went into spinning that, and the control of the fiber, and then she came with the other extreme of the super textured bulky with the sheep add ins! Amazing :)

I will let the images below speak for themselves and I hope you enjoy the gallery! Clicking the pic will take you to the info :)

Before we go however, I just want to thank everyone who participated in this challenge, it has been eye poppingly exciting to see the level of innovation and experimentation people are coming up with, and I am very happy to say that every single yarn you see below was spun on an Aura! We started this club because we feel the Aura is a unique wheel that really allows Aura spinners the range needed to spin anything they can imagine, and this challenge has proven that Aura spinners have some amazing imaginations. I wish I could offer everyone a prize in the draw! I am grateful for all who participated sharing their work and inspiration with us. But now, I will draw the winner...!

And the prize of the awesome new Majacraft Niddy Noddy goes to..... 

Congratulations Samantha! We will contact you for postal info very soon!

Now lets enjoy the amazing entries!


The Return of the Loom

Last week we relaunched our Dynamic Heddle weaving loom, the Majacraft variation on a rigid heddle loom. We created this loom some years ago, and included innovations we are still very proud of such as the variable dent reeds (hence 'dynamic!') and the rare earth magnet heddle attachment which makes the heddle super easy to move into each weaving position. Now, after a short hiatus we have tweaked the design and streamlined our hand building processes to re-release this loom for sale again!

This is a loom that has a huge range. Because of the variable dent reed it is possible to warp it with very bulky yarns, and if you are making a wearable item from your art yarns and bulky yarns you will find this gives your piece a fantastic drape along the length of it, rather than sitting flat, which is what usually happens when your bulky yarns are in your weft sitting across the width of the weave. In fact you can even almost keep the effect of wearing your handspun skein around your neck if you use a fine yarn in your weft and the art skein in your warp.


You can also use the variable dent reed to use a variety of thickness yarns in your warp, which gives the opportunity to create texture and interest in your piece.

With this loom you have a lot of freedom to play around and experiment with your yarns!

But not only can you get experimental with your unusual yarns and materials, you can also enjoy the ease of use with this loom creating more 'traditional' weavings, selecting a finer reed set (10 or 12 dent reeds are great for this!) and even adding a second heddle to create a wide range of patterns in your weaving. The following image is some double heddle weaving by Annick Keters (Belgium) created as a practice piece.

Double heddle weaving cloth detail

Double heddle weaving cloth detail

We are very happy to have this loom return to our product range, and are excited to continue seeing the amazing weavings people are creating with it. If you would like to see more incredible creations made possible with this loom and the creativity of current loom owners you can also visit our Dynamic Heddle Loom Facebook group, there is some wonderful inspiration being shared there and its a fun group for Majacraft Loom owners. If you are ready to become a Dynamic Heddle Loom owner youself  (yay!) you can now place your order with any of our wonderful Majacraft Dealers , they are also happy to help you in making choices on reed selection and accessories for your loom.

Happy Weaving!




21st Anniversary Celebrations at Majacraft!

September 2017 marks 21 years since the Poads started with Majacraft, and we have been making the best spinning wheels and tools we can make ever since! It is very rewarding to see some of the wheels made in those early days still out and about with their spinners, and just as rewarding to have been able to further develop and evolve Majacraft Wheels into our newest models, shipping all over the world!

We would like to mark this special occasion with something special and we have been busy planning some awesome anniversary treats this month. In fact, we are so thrilled to have reached this milestone, that we have decided to keep the celebrations going till the end of the year! Starting on the 20th of September and running through till 20 Dec 2017, we will be sending out free gifts with every Majacraft Wheel order you place with us! Keep reading for more details..

And what will those special gifts be? We would like to share with you two brand new products that will be launched during this celebration. These two products will be sent out initially as gifts with Wheel orders, but  after 1 October we will also be making them available to all our customers via our wonderful dealers worldwide.

Firstly we are proud to introduce our new Niddy Noddy! This Rimu and Bamboo niddy noddy is lightweight, easy to use, and comes apart to flat pack when you're out and about or when not in use. It will give you a standard 1.5m skein. The ends are made of curved, lightweight bamboo and they are easily fitted to the Rimu centre post with easy tighten bolts.

We also bring you a bonus bobbin! Lilac is a favourite of Glynis Poad, her grandmother grew Lilacs in her garden :) And so we have honoured her with her own Special Edition 21st Celebration Bobbin colour, a gift to every customer ordering a new Majacraft wheel  (except the Aura) during our celebration months! These will also be available to order from your local Majacraft Dealer from October 1st.

We will be offering a Special Gift with every Majacraft Spinning Wheel order made between 20 Sept to 20 Dec 2017


With your wheel purchase you will receive:

  • With all wheels (except the Aura)
    • The brand new Majacraft Niddy Noddy:
    • 2 Special Edition 21st Celebration Lilac Bobbins
  • With your Aura order:

This special occassion Gift offer is available on all spinning wheel orders made between 20 Sept to 20 Dec 2017. If you have been thinking about treating yourself and your fibre to a wonderful new wheel, this is a great time to make your order and pick up some extra goodies!



New: Join The Aura Club!

If you are a Majacraft Aura owner, or considering becoming one. then we have something new to share with you! This is such a unique wheel, from its beautiful modern styling and New Zealand native timber materials, to the amazing 'modified double drive' system that give you detailed control for 'set and forget' spinning.

Because this wheel is so different, we wanted to celebrate it with you, Aura owners! We have created an exclusive Club, a place where we can: share news and updates on the Aura, welcome you to participate in monthly events, live streams, and challenges (with prizes!), where we can offer you occasional discounts specifically for Aura owners, and where you can share your own Aura adventures with us, and your fellow Aura owners.

We have also created something really special to gift you with your Aura Club Membership, we have designed a really useful (and decorative) little Wheel Hanger which we will post to you (no charge) on registration with the Aura Club.

If you are already a Registered Aura Owner please follow this LINK to register for the Aura Club. If you are a new Aura owner or about to become one (congratulations!) then just Register your Wheel on the link provided with it and you will be signed up for the Aura Club at the same time.  Once you have completed your Registration you will receive the link to gain entry to the Majacraft Aura Club (Closed Group) on Facebook.

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming activities and events we have planned! Our first kickoff event is a Live Stream on the 18th of September at 1pm (New Zealand Time) which will include some exclusive video of how and where your Aura is 'born', a tour of the Majacraft Workshops where your wheels are hand crafted by our small team!

We hope you and your Aura can join us for this, and future Aura Club Events!

See you soon!