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New: Join The Aura Club!

If you are a Majacraft Aura owner, or considering becoming one. then we have something new to share with you! This is such a unique wheel, from its beautiful modern styling and New Zealand native timber materials, to the amazing 'modified double drive' system that give you detailed control for 'set and forget' spinning.

Because this wheel is so different, we wanted to celebrate it with you, Aura owners! We have created an exclusive Club, a place where we can: share news and updates on the Aura, welcome you to participate in monthly events, live streams, and challenges (with prizes!), where we can offer you occasional discounts specifically for Aura owners, and where you can share your own Aura adventures with us, and your fellow Aura owners.

We have also created something really special to gift you with your Aura Club Membership, we have designed a really useful (and decorative) little Wheel Hanger which we will post to you (no charge) on registration with the Aura Club.

If you are already a Registered Aura Owner please follow this LINK to register for the Aura Club. If you are a new Aura owner or about to become one (congratulations!) then just Register your Wheel on the link provided with it and you will be signed up for the Aura Club at the same time.  Once you have completed your Registration you will receive the link to gain entry to the Majacraft Aura Club (Closed Group) on Facebook.

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming activities and events we have planned! Our first kickoff event is a Live Stream on the 18th of September at 1pm (New Zealand Time) which will include some exclusive video of how and where your Aura is 'born', a tour of the Majacraft Workshops where your wheels are hand crafted by our small team!

We hope you and your Aura can join us for this, and future Aura Club Events!

See you soon!





Contact Us!

This is a little public service announcement post, prompted by some unexpected website issues (argh technology!)  It seems that our contact form is not working as it should, and while we are receiving your messages from the contact form, it is not sending us your email address with your message so we can't respond!

If you have tried to contact us in the last few weeks and NOT heard back, please send us an email direct to so we can respond to you by reply mail.

We are very sorry about this, the problem is being worked on and hopefully resolved very soon! Meantime we are going to take some deep breaths we hope you will also enjoy a quiet moment at the beach with Suzys shell circle weave :)


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Custom Wheels? Yes!

This week we were able to send out a gorgeous batch of customised wheels, just check these out, we love them!

One of the joys of being a small company hand crafting our products, is that it gives us a lot of freedom to really personalise what we do to suit each customer. We don't have a giant production line using pre-set machinery that can only build one thing with no variation. We don't have an unchangeable system that churns out mass produced items. We start with our hands and our materials, and we craft each wheel, each carder, each set of combs individually, and very often to order because we also do not have a giant storeroom full of pre-made stock to flick out as orders come in, The beauty of this is, not only do our customers receive an item that has been made just for them, with our own hands, but we can also pause during the process and make changes to the wheel, add a personal touch on request that will give the new owner of this wheel a unique piece of equipment that belongs to THEM, that fits their taste and personality, a one of a kind wheel for a one of a kind customer!

We can do this in a variety of ways. We can colour them differently as you can see in the picture above, and there are so many colours to choose from :) Check out this gorgeous purple!

And then of course there is the 'tattoo' we can add to the wheels, laser etched to your specifications, this really is the fun part! We have had many requests for wheel designs and it is always a pleasure to send these out to excited customers, it is such a great way to truly connect with a wheel, a visual treat each time you look at it and work with it. We only ever make one of each of these, so if you send us your design, you can be sure no one else will ever get 'your' wheel, it is just for you exclusively! Take a look at some of the unique wheels we have created in the past..

We can really get a lot of detail into these designs:

and we can add design touches on more than just the drive wheel too:

and one more example of where you can add design here with my (Suzy's) 'One Wheel' which Andrew covered in Elvish script for me :)

Are you feeling inspired? Just email us at and share your dream wheel wishes with us! We can talk about design and pricing, and together we can help make your ideas come to life with a spinning wheel you will love to use! If you already have a Majacraft wheel that you love, but want something personalised for you, we can customise individual parts for you to swap around as you like! Contact us for pricing and possibilities :) Your ideas and designs are an inspiration to us!


Something is Changing at Majacraft!

Welcome to the first of my (Suzy's) Majacraft blogposts! This is my introduction,  coming to you from the WoolWench – Suzy Brown studio in Napier New Zealand. Today I would like to share a bit of background about why I am writing this blogpost, as the newest member of the Majacraft team.

Here is me:

I’m a spinner who loves to spin any kind of yarn, fine and lacey, to big bold and bouncy arty yarns. My website has a gallery of my spinning if you are interested in seeing what I love to do.( Most people who know my spinning also know I have my ‘One Wheel’ which is the fantastic Aura that Majacraft customised for me a few years ago and which is my dream wheel. Since then I have been lucky enough to add a Little Gem to my stable, along with a Majacraft dynamic heddle loom, hand combs, hackle, blending board, drum carder… Shall we just say I am very particular and wont use anything non-Majacraft in my fiber crafts?

Last year, my business partner Arlene Thayer (Spin Artiste) and I launched our online fiber arts education website, and as a major component to our flagship course ‘Journey to the Golden Fleece’ I worked with Majacraft to develop the Circular loom, which has become a great success! Together we have grown a wonderful group page on Facebook where people share their circular creations and inspirations, and it has been exciting to see this product grow in use and application.

I also worked with (ok nagged) Majacraft on the development of the Overdrive Spinning Head for production and bulky yarn spinning, it was a thrill to share in the making and the launch of this fantastic accessory (here we are on You Tube) which has opened up many new possibilities in my spinning practice.

Now I have returned to my home in New Zealand after 12 years residence in the Netherlands. The opportunity to work more closely and on a more ‘official’ level with Majacraft as their brand new Enablement Manager came at the perfect time, and in tandem with my plans for expanding Fiberygoodness it is the ideal match! I feel blessed to be able to follow my dreams in this way.

In the near future I plan to bring you some fun projects right here on the blog: things to make with your Majacraft wheel or loom, and tool tips and tutorials for the big range of tools we produce. I will also be working to expand the Majacraft You Tube channel with more tool specific demo’s and projects! Let me know what you would most like to see in a Majacraft video and I will do my best to make it!  I will be posting regular customer newsletters so if you want to hear early about any fun activities coming up you should sign up RIGHT HERE!

I would like you to feel comfortable to contact me if you have any questions about Majacraft products such as ‘should I get the one pitch or the two pitch hackle?’ or ‘which carding cloth should I start with on my Fusion Engine?’. I would be happy to give you my take on these kinds of questions in the context of what you want to achieve. I hope my experience as a fibre artist and a user of Majacraft equipment can be of service to you in helping you make good choices if you need it.

I look forward to sharing some fun activities with you and getting to know you better!


CHANGELOG – 2nd November 2014

Yep, I have been at it again! We get quite a bit of spam through the wheel registration page (no, we don't need any Viagra thanks!) so I have focussed the recent updates to improve this situation


updated the registration form fields
modified the page to include Majacraft products rather than just wheels
added detailed cross checking validation of the registration numbers
updated the way the Majacraft database is accessed for improved reliability and security

Until next time



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CHANGELOG – 12 September 2014

I spend quite a bit of time working on the Majacraft web site. Whether it is adding new features, writing pages, updating content, linking to others content or having a conversation like we have in the blog, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

So I got to thinking. In the past, I make changes and then hope that people magically find them and appreciate the improvements along the way. I recently realised that unless somebody is carefully paying attention (like me), then the useful changes or new products are likely to be overlooked.

I need to write a CHANGELOG that documents and improvements to you can see what new stuff there is to play with. So here it is!


FIBRE - Added fibre prices

WEAVING - Modified the menu structure of the weaving section - particularly in relation to the accessories

WEAVING - Put the Dynamic Heddle Loom Carry Bag on its own page

WEAVING - Added the double heddle Weaving Mounts

WEAVING - Added new Circular Loom getting started tutorial (PDF)

New banner on all pages

I hope this is informative and useful

Until next time


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The Rube Goldberg Overdrive

We received a message today in the Majacraft inbox via Christine Oliver of Moondance Colour Company about her Rube Goldberg Overdrive.

Irish tension Majacraft Overdrive Head

Irish tension Overdrive Head


Using some backroom genius, she has converted her Overdrive to use an Irish tensioning system. I have to confess that I just LOVE this stuff. Generating a hypothesis and then using the resources available to test and produce a result, just brilliant! While you can appreciate we may not be reproducing this directly ourselves as something that all Overdrive spinners can use, this is simply excellent. If you could see the way many Majacraft prototypes develop, it is exactly like this so much kudos Christine.

Can you see the way it works?

Until next time


P.S. Great to see the Overdrive running on an older generation Suzie!


Overdrives are shipping (and a video)

The first batch of Overdrives shipped yesterday! So long as we are not blown into the ocean by the terrible storm that is approaching for this weekend, I would suggest keeping an eye on your letterbox from Wednesday on next week. More Overdrives will go next week, the bobbins are backing up and everything is coming together nicely.

Suzy at Woolwench put together this short video of changing the Overdrive on an Aura. As you can see, it is pretty simple and anyone can take on this task with confidence.


Until next time



Majacraft Magic 2014 Video

I have put together a video of highlights from the Majacraft Magic camp for this year. If you attended it may remind you of the great time that was experienced by all. If you weren't there, see what you were missing!



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The Overdrives are coming

It has been a bit of a mammoth effort to push the new Overdrive Heads into production but things are progressing well and nearly ready for shipping out to you. Here are the first ones in the final stages of building. Just so you know we are not eating donuts and drinking coffee!

Overdrive heads in progress

Overdrive heads in progress


Overdrive bobbins

Overdrive bobbins

Until next time